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International employment: Belgium

If we ask you about the capital of Europe, without a doubt, you will say Brussels, the main city of Belgium. It is the headquarters of many of the organisms that regulate the life of the member countries of the union and temporary residence of thousands of people who belong to the bureaucratic-institutional apparatus European coming from other countries as representatives.

Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world and the second in Europe after neighboring Rotterdam in the Netherlands in terms of volume of trade in maritime goods.

Another piece of information that shows the importance of Belgium at the international level is that Brussels hosts 400 international congresses every year, only surpassed by Singapore (900 events).

Procedures to work in Belgium

Citizens of the European Union can access work in Belgium directly just by registering in the town where you are going to reside. Thus, you will automatically obtain a residence permit. Non-Europeans will need the employer concerned to have the approval of the Ministry of Labor.

Basic indicators of the labor market in Belgium

  • Population: 10.5 million inhabitants.
  • Main cities: Brussels (1 million inhabitants), Antwerp (500,000), Liège (200,000), Bruges (200,000), Ghent, Charleroi, Leuven.
  • Income Per Capita (2016): 36,500 euros (the EU average 28,700 euros, Spain: 26,529 euros)
  • Minimum Interprofessional Salary: It varies depending on whether you are older than 12 months (€ 1,440.67) or less (1,424.31).
  • Average full-time salary (2015): 3,445 gross euros / month
  • Unemployment rate: 8% (March 2017).
  • Language: Dutch (Flemish, 57% of the population), French (42% of the population) and German (1%).

International job opportunities

Brussels and Flanders published a more offers than in Wallonia. In this sense, the sectors of accommodation and food, science, information and communication (ICT) are the most dynamic sectors. The construction sector has risen 6.6% in recent years.

Because Brussels has established a large number of international organizations Working in what is called “International Civil Service” is a possibility that you will have to choose through the processes of the different organizations. Regardless of this job opportunity, the job categories that are most in demand are:

  • Cybersecurity expert.
  • Data scientist.
  • Health and health professionals in general
  • Marketing, design and communication.
  • Logistics.
  • Human Resources.
  • Collaborative economy workers.

The finance, communication and business services sector in general are activities where the job offer is very frequent. Social work and health also offer good job prospects. Keep in mind that in these cases Mastering one of the languages ​​of the region where the activity will take place is essential, in addition to English.


Find a job in Belgium

In general, job opportunities in Belgium are good, especially in Brussels. There are many foreigners in Belgium, more than the statistics show because those who work in international organizations are not considered residents.

Although a large number of professions in the European Union have been homologated, however in some they may require that show that the degree in Spain covered topics and a duration similar to that of Belgium.

Another aspect to take into account is that in many offers you may be asked to be fluent in the regional language. So, of course, we always advise that reinforce your training in the languages ​​of the destination country. In Belgium there are three official languages: Dutch or Flemish, which is spoken by 57% of the population, which resides in the region of Flanders, to the northeast; this is our offer of dutch courses; the French spoken by 42% (mainly in the south, in Wallonia and in Brussels) and the German which is spoken by a much smaller population (1%, in the region bordering Germany).

CV tuning

The CV and the letter must be adapted to the Belgian style. The CV must always go accompanied by a cover letter. You will have to translate it into the language of the region or, if it is an international position, translate it into English.

The style of the curriculum is more extensive and detailed. Dates and even grades are included. You can easily get to all three pages. Make sure that the people of reference that you indicate in the CV are going to respond favorably because it is common for them to contact them. You can use the model europass to make your CV.

Let’s see the different alternatives to present your candidacy.

Online application. If you want to present your application on the Internet, we suggest that you consult offers on the following portals:

Private Placement Agencies. In Belgium there are many private employment agencies, and are grouped in the federation of private agencies FEDERGON. Most local private agencies charge an annual fee of up to 40% or 50% of their salary for each candidate who is placed, as long as the candidate passes the initial period (varies from one month to six) and is well established in your position. Do not trust those agencies that ask you to pay them before they get you the job.

You must not forget

If you have decided to leave Spain and embark on this adventure, remember to have the following documentation ready:

  • Valid ID or passport
  • CV and cover letter translated into French, Flemish or German is also recommended in English.
  • European sanitary card. Request the E-100 series form from Social Security.
  • Sworn translation of the Titles and main certificates of Studies.
  • Photocopy of the birth certificate and family book
  • Several passport-size photographs.
  • Permits that you consider appropriate, such as a driver’s license.
  • Have a sufficient forecast of funds to help you face the initial period of job search to cover travel expenses, accommodation, maintenance, etc.

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